M&BLogoMusic and Beyond’s Youth Programs

One of North America’s major cultural festivals, Music and Beyond has a strong year-round commitment to youth. Young people who are exposed to music have stronger mathematical skills, better memories, longer attention spans, better social skills and are more creative. Music and Beyond provides many opportunities for young people to be engaged and experience classical music. Music and Beyond’s two-week long summer festival provides extensive programming for young people and families all at extremely affordable prices with some events being entirely free! We have offered more than 1,200 concerts and mini-concerts over the past 5 years through the Ottawa Music Expo, Kids’ Music & Arts days, Kids’ Music Adventure Days, Music and Nature, and Music and Dance performances. A Pizza Concert Series was introduced in 2015, offering young people a slice or two of pizza along with an opportunity to experience performances by world-class musicians. The National Gallery Soiree offered a full evening of music with over 200 mini-performances throughout the entire gallery.

A new element to the year round programming was launched in June of 2015 – Music and Beyond Reaches Out. This program offers hands-on opportunities and performances in the fall and spring in Ottawa’s elementary and secondary schools. In addition, throughout the year, Music and Beyond is proud to always include opportunities for local youth to rehearse and perform alongside some of the world’s best including Kathleen Battle, Oliver Jones, Julie Nesrallah and Emma Kirkby. These transformational experiences are performances youth will remember all their lives. Music and Beyond is a registered charity. More information on Music and Beyond is available at