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Meet the 2018 Debutantes & Cavaliers

IMAN ABDULLA is at Blyth Academy. She is passionate about the arts and sports, and helping her community. She plans a career in medicine, specializing in gastroenterology.

LARA CRONE is in grade 11 at Glebe Collegiate. She plans to pursue a career in biochemistry. She enjoys reading and is an accomplished seamstress.

KYLE DICKINSON is a grade 12 student at Ashbury College. He plays competitive and varsity hockey. He enjoys painting, drawing, spending time with friends and family, and travelling. He plans to study commerce.

ALEXANDRA FINLESS is in grade 12 at Colonel By. She plans to study sciences in university and in her spare time loves snowboarding and running.

TRISTAN KALMBACH is enrolled in his first year of fine arts at the University of Ottawa. He enjoys classical music and composes and writes his own pieces. He volunteers with the homeless.

SOPHIA KING GILLIS is in grade 11 at Nepean. She runs on the school track team. In 2019 she plans to attend Guelph for the equine management program.

ADELE KLASSEN is in grade 11 at Sir Robert Borden and aspires to be a biochemical engineer.

JUSTIN KRUSE is in grade 12 at Lisgar. He plays hockey for his school and recreationally. He also enjoys skiing, waterskiing and sailing. He plans a career in health sciences.

JOSH LACELLE is in grade 12 at St. Pius and plans to enrol in Algonquin College’s electrical technician course. Josh plays competitive soccer and hockey.

BRIANNA NASRALLAH is in grade 11 at Ashbury College. She plans to attend university to study sciences and incorporate her passion for world issues. She plays competitive soccer and tennis.

ADRIEN PAQUIN is in grade 10 at Blyth Academy. He enjoys sports and plays volleyball. He plans to study science to become an optician.

MIRANA RAMBELO is a grade 11 student at Canterbury. She has performed with Orpheus Musical Theatre Society and Opera Lyra. Mirana enjoys sharing her love of music with others.

DAWSON SHARPLEY attends St. Paul and is in grade 11. Dawson plans to attend Carleton and pursue architecture. He plays competitive hockey and volunteers at the neighbourhood outdoor rink.

MICHAEL SPIRICHIN is in grade 10 at AY Jackson. He is a competitive Latin dancer. He plays the bass guitar and performs at community events. He plays basketball and chess, always happy to mentor younger students.

KANIZ WILLIAMS is in Grade 12 at Ashbury College. He plans to study biochemical engineering at McMaster. Kaniz volunteers with underprivileged youth.

JEREMY GOLLIAN is in his first year of environmental engineering at Carleton University. He is interested in the visual arts and volunteers with environmental organizations.

CHARLY GRIFFIN is in grade 11 at Ashbury College. She plans to pursue medical sciences in university. She enjoys sports, particularly rugby and swimming.

MARGARET HANNA is in grade 11 at Franco-Cite. She plans to study biology and chemistry at Carleton. She enjoys badminton, swimming and working with children.

GABRIELLE HICKS is in grade 12 at Ashbury College and plans to study commerce and play varsity rugby at Queen’s University.

DOUGLAS HOLTFORSTER is in grade 11 at Sir Robert Bordon and plays on multiple sports teams including competitive soccer. He plans to study architecture at Ryerson.

LOGAN IWANOFF is in grade 11 and goes to Ashbury College. She plans to study psychology after high school.

ANNA LEPSOE is in grade 12 at Ashbury College. She is planning to pursue a degree in commerce at Queen’s University or University of British Columbia.

NOELLE LINDGREN is in grade 11 at Ashbury College. In her spare time, she enjoys playing rugby and scuba diving. She plans to pursue sciences at university.

BOGDAN LYTVYNENKO is in first year of theatre at Cegep de l’Outaouais. He is a professional dancer and aspires to become a famous Hollywood actor. He enjoys skiing, movies and travelling.

ROBYN McGOWAN is in grade 11 at Ashbury College.She competes in rugby and figure skating. She plans to study biology and chemistry.

RACHEL MURRAY is in grade 12 at Glebe Collegiate. She plans to study commerce. She participates in student council and represents her school on the OCDSB Student Senate Board.

SARAH MURRAY is in grade 12 at Elmwood School. She plans to attend the University of Toronto or St. FX to study music to become a jazz musician. She enjoys playing basketball and travelling.

KATIE STEWART is in grade 12 at Glebe Collegiate. She is passionate about music and is an accomplished ballet dancer. She plans to study biology or work towards a career in theatre.

ISABELLA THOMAS is in grade 11 at Elmwood School. She enjoys musical theatre and dance. She plans to attend Queen’s to study life sciences or psychology.

REILLY WACYK is in Grade 12 at Ashbury College. She is passionate about humanitarian work and volunteering. She plans to study international relations at university.

WILLIAM WATERS is an IB student in grade 11 at Ashbury College. He plans to study chemical or electrical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. He enjoys hockey and snowboarding.

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