Debutantes-in-Waiting & Cavaliers-in-Waiting

Our Debutante and Cavalier-in-Waiting volunteer program provides an opportunity for younger students to engage in our special evening.

For students in grades 8-10 harbouring hopes that they too will participate as a debutante or cavalier in future years, getting a glimpse of the magic of tonight allows our youth to sustain the future of Viennese Winter Balls to come

Ball Expectations

The Ball is about appreciating Austrian culture and helping the community through your part in this fundraising event.

Volunteer duties have traditionally included greeting guests, passing out programs, ushering the debutantes and cavaliers in their promenade entrances, and assisting as runners for the silent auction.

How to Apply

Click here to fill out the 2020 Debutantes-in-Waiting and Cavalier-in-Waiting application form!